At Pegah Construction Ltd. Safety is our number one priority.Pegah Construction Ltd. believes that delivering quality construction with safety is an attainable goal. The key to success lies in the willingness of every individual in our organization to recognize their responsibility and actively support and participate in accident and incident prevention activities.

Pegah Construction Ltd. has developed Six (6) Workplace Policies that ensure healthy and safe working conditions are maintained, the respect and dignity of all persons are maintained all times, and the inclusion of all persons with or without disabilities.

  1.  Health and Safety Policy 
  2. Environmental Policy 
  3. Harassment, Discrimination & Workplace Violence Policy 
  4. Fitness for Duty Policy 
  5. Return to Work and Re-Employment Policy 
  6. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Policy 
Pegah Construction Ltd

Our Joint Health and Safety Committee actively inspects our workplaces for compliance and Investigates all incidents, to ensure corrective actions are implemented in a timely manner. Furthermore, our JHSC conducts training and provides support to our employees to prevent incidents from reoccurring.

Pegah Construction Ltd. has been CORTM Certified ( )since March 29, 2019.

Pegah Construction Ltd. has achieved OGCA & ( )Zero Injury Frequency from 2004-2018 (332,053 Hours)

Pegah Construction Ltd. - 2020 Policies